Who is behind this website?

I hear people indulging in this continuous debate that we are not actually getting the proper nutrients and vitamins from the food that we consume as they have either been genetically altered or grown with the help of drugs. In either case our body doesn't benefit from the pristine goodness of nature's abundant gifts. So, basically if you want to attain that unharmed goodness from what you eat, then you would have to travel far and burn a hole in your pocket.

I have a busy schedule and am tied up in a lot of things throughout the day. For me, a quick meal that can be prepared within minutes works but I am wary of my health as well. I needed something quick and easy that could keep my body on the right track and thank goodness. That's how I ended up in the world of supplements, specifically in fish oil.

I have the soul of scientist so I started to look for information about fish oil supplements, medical and scientific studies, until I decided to try them.

One day I noticed that I had collected so much information about fish oil that it was worth putting this information online to explain all that I had found. And here you have it.

My only goal is to provide with information and you should not take any supplement without the recommendation of your doctor.