Fish Oil for Dogs: Causes and Effects

For Better Health

One of the most important things you can do for your pet dog is to make sure that he or she is healthy. That means that the dog has to have a cold nose, a shiny coat of fur and look happy and energetic. A dog that does not show these signs is likely going to have some health issues later down the line if not immediately. Make sure that you visit your local veterinarian and give your dog a checkup a couple times a year.

One way to increase health is through the use of vitamins. Many vitamins, including vitamin E, have the nutrition needed for your dog to be fit and healthy. However, not every type of vitamin is good in large quantities, especially when they come in large pill forms such as fish oil.


It’s very important to make sure that your dog has a moderate amount of everything. Giving too much of a single vitamin can cause the dog to get some damaging side effects. At the same time, too little of a certain vitamin can lead to other symptoms that need to be treated right away. Let’s take vitamin E as an example vitamin in this case. Vitamin E helps dogs with any skin problems that they might have. Anything related to:

Various Dog Skin Conditions

  • Fleas
  • Allergies
  • Dryness

Can be treated through the use of vitamin E…Now having too little vitamin E will of course cause skin problems that can lead to rashes and other additional conditions that might hurt the dog and cause a poor coat to be produced. On the other hand, too much of the same vitamin can also lead to additional symptoms such as severe pain, muscle weakness, edemas, weight loss, cataracts, swelling of the legs and feet and potentially paralysis. Because of hose severe the increase of vitamin E can be, it’s usually a good idea to fall under a small to moderate dosage for most dogs.


However, this does not mean that the same dosage can apply to all dogs at any one time. Unfortunately, there are a number of dogs that have also been given vitamin overdose because the amount given was too much for their body mass. Small dogs like shih tzus and Yorkshire terriers are often required to have a much smaller dose of vitamins than bigger dogs like golden retrievers and greyhounds. These dogs would have a larger dose because their bodies can take in more of the vitamin before feeling the effects of having too much in its system. Make sure to check the weight and race of your dog before giving it a certain dose of vitamins. Your local veterinarian can help prescribe the perfect dosage too.

Be Careful With What You Mix

With all these vitamins to think about, it’s a good idea to make sure that you know what vitamins don’t mix well with others. Sometimes when two or more vitamins are put into a dog’s daily meal, the combination can lead to some side effects that could be painful on the pet without you even realizing what the cause is. It turns out that on more than one occasion many of these instances were caused through the inclusion of multiple vitamins that were not recognized for being harmful when in combination. This occurs often with fish oil tablets when they are mixed in with other vitamins.

Fishy Situations

There is a certain amount of vitamin in the fish oil that barely reaches the limit for pets. An extra vitamin can put it over the base amount which will then cause harm. While fish oil can be good to have, there are certainly some directions that need to be followed first before anything can be done to keep the pet safe.

Vitamins/Supplements and Where to Find Them

Fortunately, a large number of dog supplements can be found at specialty stores that cater to pets. They can also be found in a few retail stores, especially if they are the big named brands that get used a lot. If you’re looking for something more specific that might not be in your region then you’re better off going online and searching for the right vitamins that you can have shipped over to your house. Sometimes you can get special discounts when looking at products on websites like Amazon or EBay, so make sure that you look around and see what you can find for deals. You might end up saving a few bucks and reward your pet with a brand new chew toy!

Giving Your Dog the Supplement/Vitamin

When giving a dog a vitamin or supplement, you may have to get a little bit sneaky. Dogs can be picky eaters, especially if they are used to the same type of food that they normally get. So if your dog is being fussy about eating these vitamins, try to mix them into your dog’s next meal. Make sure that it is crushed up and not too noticeable. Simply sticking the vitamin inside the meal should be more than enough for the dog to unknowingly eat and ingest. This way the dog tastes a great meal while still getting the healthy vitamins that he or she needs each day.

Further Treatment

Remember to check with the doctor when it comes to making sure that the fish oil vitamins are being taken. A progress report of the dog’s health will show signs of improvement, and from there the doctor can determine what the best course of action is for the dog. There might have to be an adjustment in the dosage or a change in the vitamin brand depending on how it affects the dog. Make sure that you cover all your bases and you should wind up having a happy, healthy dog who will love you for many years to come.

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