Nature Made Fish Oil Review

As it has been acknowledged, even by doctors, for some time now that fish oil is indeed one of the natural supplements that really can have a positive impact on your health, the number of different supplement offerings available has continued to increase. Just a few years ago fish oil was a supplement found only in health food and nutrition stores, now you will find at least half a dozen - or more - different offerings in your local supermarket.

Nature Made have been in the supplement business for a long time - for over forty years in fact - and so are an easily recognized name trusted by millions. Therefore many people might be tempted to choose Nature Made's Fish Oil over others based on that reputation alone. The question however is is this really a supplement that lives up to the company's usual high standards?

The "Pill"

The first thing that anyone has to realize when choosing a fish oil supplement is that there is never going to be such a thing as an effective fish oil capsule that is particularity small. And the Nature Made Fish Oil capsules are big! Most doctors and other health professionals recommend that for most patients a daily dosage of fish oil totaling 1200mg is ideal, which is quite a lot of liquid to pack into one softgel.

That is though one of the advantages of the Nature Made Fish Oil Omega-3 product over some of its competitors. That recommended dosage is contained within a single pill, reducing the number of capsules users have to swallow. In the case of many other brands to get 1200mg of active ingredient one would have to take two, or more, capsules.

The Aftertaste and Burp Factor

Fish oil is fish oil. It has a fishy smell and a fishy taste. Although the liquid is contained within a softgel often supplement users will complain that some brands of fish oil supplement cause them to burp, and with that burp comes a nasty aftertaste that is rather unpleasant to say the least.

That is not the case here, which is perhaps rather surprising, given the fact that some would consider the Nature Made fish oil capsule "jumbo sized" in comparison to others. Basically, as long as you have a nice glass of cold water to wash the capsule down with then you really can practically take it and forget it.


People talk a great deal about the benefits of the "omega 3s" in fish oil but they do not realize that there are two types of this "good" fat that are the ones that research has been able to confirm offer the health benefits people are looking for; EPA and DHA. There are other forms of omega 3 fatty acid but according to health experts these are the two that count and so if you are comparing supplements by ingredients, these are the compounds you should be concerned about. And, slightly more confusingly, the ratio of the two combined in a single capsule can affect its effectiveness as well.

In general, according to medical experts, a higher EPA to DHA ratio meaning that there is more EPA than DHA contained within a single capsule or dose is best for mood enhancement, the reduction of inflammation, arthritis pain and for reducing LDL cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. The opposite makeup - a low EPA to DHA ratio is best for children and pregnant or nursing women, as well as for those looking to improve memory, boost brain function and protect eye health.

The EPA/DHA ratio contained in a single 1200mg Natures Made Fish Oil capsule is 1.5 to 1, meaning that this is a supplement best for those looking to address inflammation and pain issues as well as the prevention of heart disease. These people do tend to be older, so this is perhaps a great choice for that demographic but not so much for younger folks.


The other issue that should be taken into consideration when choosing a fish oil supplement is purity. Many types of fish are, in their basic makeup, wonderful for your health but the contaminated and compromised waters they live in reduce those benefits and in some cases can actually pose a small risk to health.

The fish oil used in Nature's Made Fish Oil Omega 3 is derived from wild, deep water sardines and anchovies rather than the farmed pollock that is used in some other leading supplements. The company also claims that the oils, once harvested, are then routinely tested for traces of the harmful substances fish can contain such as lead, mercury, dioxins or PCBs and are excluded should they be deemed impure.

In Conclusion

As they are very readily available, Nature Made supplements in general are a convenient choice for many, and for the demographic previously mentioned the Nature Made Fish Oil Omega 3 is a good, solid choice with advantage that the "fish breath" side effect that so many people worry about should not be an issue.

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  • 300 Liquid Soft Gels, 1200 mg/each
  • 14.4 ounces

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