List of Omega 3 rich foods

Below you can find a HUGE Omega 3 rich foods list. You can find some of this foods in supermarket, others are not so common. Don't forget our Fish oil buying guide to choose the right supplement.

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Food Grams of Omega 3 Per 100 Grams
Anchovy, European1,4
Barramundi, saltwater0,11
Bass, freshwater0,3
Bass, striped0,8
Blue eye cod0,36
Broccoli0.11 - 0.23
(Canned) Salmon1,94
Catfish (average)0,3
Catfish, brown bullhead0,5
Catfish, channel0,3
Chia Seeds17,33
Chinook salmon, baked/broiled1,85
Clam, Japanese hardshell0,2
Clam, softshell0,4
Clam, surf0,2
Cod liver oil19,2
Cod, Atlantic0,3
Cod, baked0,26
Cod, Pacific0,2
Conch, unspecified1
Corn oil1
Crab Meat0,53
Crab, Alaska king0,3
Crab, blue0,4
Crab, Dungeness0,3
Crab, queen0,3
Crayfish, unspecified0,1
Croaker, Atlantic0,2
Cuttlefish, unspecified0
Dogfish, spiny2
Drum, black0,2
Drum, freshwater0,6
Eel, European0,9
Eggs 0,73
Eggs, large regular0,13
Flax Seed Oil46
Flax Seeds22,5
Flounder (average)0,2
Flounder, yellowtail0,2
Giant tiger prawn0,11
Greenshell/lipped mussels1,11
Grouper, jewfish0,3
Grouper, red0,2
Hake, Atlantic0
Hake, Pacific0,4
Hake, red0,2
Hake, silver0,6
Hake, unspecified0,5
Halibut, baked/broiled0,53
Halibut, Greenland0,9
Halibut, Pacific0,5
Hemp Seeds3,88
Herring (average)1,7
Herring oil12
Herring, Atlantic1,7
Herring, Pacific1,8
Herring, round1,3
Hoki (blue grenadier)0,48
Lean red meat0,036
Lobster Meat  0,88
Lobster, European0,2
Lobster, northern0,2
Mackerel (average)2,6
Mackerel, Atlantic2,6
Mackerel, chub2,2
Mackerel, horse0,6
Mackerel, Japanese horse1,9
Mackerel, king2,2
Mahi mahi0,15
MaxEPAT, concentrated (Fish Oil)29,4
Menhaden oil21,7
Mullet, striped0,6
Mullet, unspecified1,1
Mussel, blue0,5
Mussel, Mediterranean0,2
Ocean perch0,2
Octopus, common0,2
Olive oil (extra virgin)1
Orange roughy0,03
Oyster, eastern0,4
Oyster, European0,6
Oyster, Pacific0,6
Perch, white0,4
Perch, yellow0,3
Periwinkle, common0,7
Pike, northern0,1
Pike, walleye0,3
Plaice, European0,2
Pompano, Florida0,6
Rapeseed oil 10
Rockfish, brown0,7
Rockfish, canary0,5
Rockfish, unspecified0,5
Salmon oil20,9
Salmon, Atlantic1,4
Salmon, Chinook1,5
Salmon, chum1,1
Salmon, coho1
Salmon, pink1
Salmon, sockeye1,3
Sardines, canned1,5
Scad, Muroaji2,1
Scallop, Atlantic deep sea0,2
Scallop, calico0,2
Scallops, baked/broiled0,97
Sea bass, Japanese0,4
Seatrout, sand0,3
Seatrout, spotted0,2
Shrimp (average)0,35
Shrimp, Atlantic brown0,3
Shrimp, Atlantic white0,4
Shrimp, Japanese0,5
Shrimp, northern0,5
Shrimp, other0,2
Shrimp, steamed, boiled0,35
Smelt, pond0,3
Smelt, rainbow0,8
Smelt, sweet0,6
Snapper, baked0,35
Snapper, red0,2
Snapper, red0,2
Soybean oil 7
Spiny lobster, Caribbean0,3
Spiny lobster, southern rock0,3
Squid, Atlantic0,4
Squid, short-finned0,6
Squid, unspecified0,3
Strawberry or Kiwifruit0.11 - 0.23
Sturgeon, Atlantic1,5
Sturgeon, common0,4
Sunfish, pumpkinseed0,1
Sword Fish1,5
Swordfish (average)0,2
Sydney rock oysters0,35
Tofu, raw0,35
Trout, arctic char0,6
Trout, brook0,6
Trout, brook0,6
Trout, lake2
Trout, rainbow0,6
Trout, rainbow0,6
Tuna, albacore1,5
Tuna, bluefin1,6
Tuna, canned0,27
Tuna, skipjack0,4
Tuna, yellowfin0,26
Walnut Oil 9,33
wheat germ0,66
Whitefish, lake1,5
Whiting, European0,1
Winter squash0,26
Wolffish, Atlantic0,6

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